How Poseidon SE7EN Technology Works Section 3 Pt 1

How Poseidon SE7EN Technology Works

All closed circuit rebreathers use oxygen, diluent (air/trimix), a breathing loop, counter-lungs, a mouthpiece to deliver the breathing gas, a scrubber to remove the carbon dioxide from the system and a method to replace the metabolized oxygen. That’s the easy part and where other rebreathers stop but Poseidon SE7EN technology really starts!

What makes the Poseidon SE7EN unique is the way in which it manages the gas in the breathing loop. Automatically calibrated oxygen sensors detect the PPO2 in the breathing loop and solenoids automatically inject oxygen as required to maintain the appropriate PPO2 for the diver’s current depth. The SE7EN diver does not need to adjust PPO2 set points or manually maintain a set point; the SE7EN does it all for them.



The Poseidon SE7EN is an example of technology at its best; taking a complex process and making it beautifully simple. So simple, in fact, that the SE7EN diver can just enjoy the dive!

Throughout the dive, Poseidon safety technology is monitoring the oxygen sensors to ensure that they are working perfectly. Gas levels within the loop and the cylinders are monitored to ensure that the SE7EN diver has sufficient diluent gas available to reach the surface in the unlikely event of needing to “bail out” to open circuit. A three-level alarm system is there to alert the diver and buddy if something does not go according to plan. Alarms are delivered visually, by the wrist computer and the VPT© Battery, audibly via the VPT© Battery and physically, via the mouthpiece that incorporates Juergensen Marine DIVA vibrating alert technology.


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