With Poseidon, rebreather diving is now available almost everywhere!

Whether you’re looking for a place near home to learn how to dive a rebreather or looking for an exotic travel destination to learn or go diving, you’ve come to the right place. Poseidon Rebreather Centers are now in more than 40 countries and are the perfect place for you and your rebreather journey.


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One of the great things about diving a rebreather is that places you may have dived many times before will become new all over again. Studies show that rebreather divers see eight times as many marine animals as scuba divers!


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Poseidon Rebreather Centers – A Great Place to Learn to Dive!


Poseidon Rebreather Centers are there to make your rebreather journey as fun, easy and safe.

At any Poseidon Rebreather Center worldwide, you will be able to find everything you need to get into rebreather diving and be supported throughout your diving adventures.

Whatever you need, Poseidon Rebreather Centers will work hard to make your new diving adventure a great experience!




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Image by A. Mathiesen-Öhman

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Poseidon Rebreather Centers Worldwide

Click on the map to get an up-to-date list of Poseidon Rebreather Centers around the world. Alternatively, if you’d like some personalized help in finding the right Rebreather Center for you, click here.

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